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Welcome!  Thank you for taking a moment to stop by.  My passion is to help you discover your ultimate beauty, give you tips about how to frame your life in photos and create the financial freedom you deserve.

If any or all of those things interest you, then you are in the right place!

As an independent skin care consultant and photographer, I have the true joy of giving women the gift of healthier skin and tips on how to create beautiful memories and experiences that will live on for generations.

When I started this journey, I was a single mom of an adorable little boy. I just wanted to provide a better life for my son and eventually be able to work from home.  Those dreams came true in 2007 when I was able to quit my full-time job and become a full-time entrepreneur from home.
That adorable little boy is now in college and we have added 5+ to our family with my wonderful husband, his two children, their children and our two younger kids who are growing up way too fast! 🙂

What I didn’t realize was that starting my own businesses would:
1. Give me more confidence
2. Increase my ability to communicate effectively
3. Allow me to help women (and men) of all ages and stages in life
4. Give me the opportunity to donate more to causes I wanted to support
5. Show my children a good example of how to pursue THEIR dreams
6. Give me the chance to teach others and help them to experience the same things
7. Help me to make other women feel treasured, loved as they are and beautiful at every stage of life!

Now I get to pass on those gifts to you.  That is a true blessing to me.  There is nothing better than seeing the healing and joy that come from feeling your best, because you are taking care of yourself and being treated like a princess (even if you are just princess for a day).

My goal is to uplift you, encourage you, support you, and give you the tools to take care of your skin, be your best self and create memories that will last beyond your lifetime.

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