This is what you will find here… I hope you’ll come by and visit often!

Welcome to my blog!  I will be sharing my favorite images and beauty tips as well as inspirational quotes, and information for mamas who run small businesses.  I hope you will follow this blog and enjoy what you find here.

The title I chose comes from how I see myself (and many women I know).  I am a business owner and consultant and strive to be graceful in my daily life in the way I am and how I treat others.  However, some days, all I can seem to do is mess up… and that’s where the “spilled polish” comes in.  🙂
One of my favorite movie clips is from Miss Congeniality.  “Gracie” has just had a complete makeover… she walks out of the hanger where the transformation happened and JUST when she thinks she has it all together, down she goes!  The best part is her reaction.  Instead of melting into a pile of tears or throwing up her hands in defeat, she pops right back up and continues on her path.
Let’s do that.  Let’s do our best.  When that seems to fail, don’t give up!  We need to pick ourselves up and try again!

As my son’s 1st grade teacher tells him, “Your BEST will ALWAYS get BETTER!”  That is SO true, but it won’t happen if we give up.

Love to you all!