I like people, but…

Nope. That’s it.  I really do like people.  I enjoy different personalities, different expressions and hearing their stories.

And most of the time, if people feel like you like them, they will like you back… or at least feel positive toward you.

Now, there are SOME people that, no matter HOW hard you try, will still grate on your VERY last nerve.  And that’s ok.  🙂  We are not meant to be “BFFs” with every person in our life.  😀

However, kindness…kindness is required.  So, the next time someone is making you crazy or touching on your LAST nerve, remember that you don’t know what their life has been like today (or every day).  You don’t know what they have dealt with in their past that has made them the way they are.  Maybe, they need YOU to be the bright spot in their day. Just a simple smile (or just NOT reacting to their snark) will give them something positive to look back on.  Be a “day maker.”   Go out and make someone’s day!

When was the last time someone made YOUR day?  Tell your story in comments.

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