Mama: My Favorite Title … COFFEEEEEE: My Favorite Morning Routine

Yes. Yes. I know. Coffee is not the HEALTHIEST choice I could make, but it’s my reality and something I truly love.   It makes morning bearable.

You know. The mornings after I leisurely went to bed at 9pm after the children quietly did everything I said to exactly on time  and fell asleep at 8pm? Right?? WRONG!

As much as I WISH that was the case (and the listening part IS getting better… we are working on it.), the reality is that generally, I am up working in the calm, silent, LATE evening/early morning hours.  That’s when I can get 3 times more work done, because it is uninterrupted by phone calls, Facebook Messenger, text messages, WhatsApp messages (I’ll get back to that AWESOME app in another post.) …and any number of childhood emergencies that happen at any given moment.

You know the ones…

You have been sitting on the couch scrolling through Facebook, making dinner, hanging out with the family, etc. and NO ONE NEEDS YOU.  But the very SECOND your phone rings or you need to use the bathroom, all of the sudden, there is a VERY important question of EMERGENCY proportion that just HAS to be answered RIGHT NOW… but they will WHISPER it so that it’s not rude.  And it goes something like this…

(in a stage whisper) “Mo-OO-m?!  Mommmmyyyyy? Can I give Lucy a dog treat?”

Yes.  That’s right. The earth-shattering question of whether or not the dog may have a dog treat MUST be answered BEFORE I finish my call.

Again… We are working on this, too.  He is 7 …and super cute… so we go on.  🙂

Despite multiple businesses, sleepless nights, interrupted calls, sticky fingers on inventory (trying to help) and days when I wonder how it will all come together, Mama is STILL my favorite title.  I find joy in my friendships with clients and other consultants and in teaching, coaching and mentoring my team, but at the end of the day, it is all for my kids, my family.

For those stomping, muddy feet coming home from school with stories about their day, sideline cheering at their games, kisses and hugs before bed, impromptu day trips and all the other sweet memories that I can have, because I work for myself from home.

And for all you other mamas who work from home or work outside the home and do it all at home, too…  my hat’s off to you!  YOU are AMAZING!!!

Cherish those little moments, because all too soon, you will be sending your oldest off to college and those sweet memories will become even more precious.

Love to you all!



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