The Concept of HEART in Business

What does it mean to have “heart”…to do everything in your business with “heart?”  That may mean different things to different people, but let me tell you what I believe it means.

It means that, sometimes, all your organization, business meetings and 5 year plan must be put on hold in deference to what is BEST for your client or your team member.  Not what is best for YOU.  Some might call this “paying it forward” or “good karma.” 

We call it “heart.”  The heart of your business is in the way you treat others.  It’s in the way you treat your “competition” and in the way you behave when representing your business in person AND online!  

You may have heard the term “Do what is right…not what is easy.”  It is harder than it seems sometimes.   

When people doesn’t recognize the sacrifice you are making.  When they don’t behave kindly. When they “spit in your face.”  That’s when it’s hard.  Really, really hard.  But, you don’t answer to them.  You don’t do the right thing because of the notoriety.  You do it because it’s RIGHT.  That’s all.

I really believe that when you run your business with heart and integrity, you will be rewarded.  Maybe not with cash or accolades or gifts right away, but with the knowledge that you are doing what you know is right.  It WILL be noticed.  It WILL have it’s reward.  

And most importantly, the example you set for your children, your team and others who are watching you will have a far-reaching effect on the lives they touch.  

Heart. Go out and make someone’s day. 

Jan Day and her husband Frank are the founders of JAFRA Cosmetics.

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